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We're fresh and new to the retreat world and for good reason. Consider us the cooler, younger sibling who just 'gets' it. Forget what you know about retreats and buckle up for a whole new approach designed to positively influence every aspect of your life.

From wellness to fitness and wine to community, plus everything in between, we're anything but your typical retreat. In fact, we're far from it. 


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what to expect

We're anything but your typical retreat. We're far from it. 

We're excited to introduce you to The BALANC. Method: an all-encompassing approach designed to give you a reset overhaul, while providing you with tools to live and breathe a truly flourishing, invigorating, and balanced lifestyle. 

By introducing you to and instilling in you easily applicable lifestyle habits, The BALANC. Method enables you to explore new interests, learn new skills from experts, and provides you with a 360-wholesome approach, extending far beyond the retreat. 

Bringing like-minded individuals together, The BALANC. Retreat offers a truly unique experience, allowing you to walk away feeling like the best 2.0 version of yourself. 

From technical boxing and self-defense workshops to calming strength flows, pilates, waterfall hikes and transforming the way you nourish your body with delicious farm-to-table meals, as well as conscious-cocktail making classes, The BALANC. Method doesn't change your ways, it simply sparks new life and intention into them for a better you, both mentally and physically. 

The BALANC. Method understands every individual has different needs and not only do we accept this, but we also applaud and encourage this. Designed to provide you with the tools that can be applied across every area of your life, BALANC. is a bespoke and tailored experience. 

Pick and choose from our workouts and activities or take a solo stroll or moment of relaxation in the award-winning accommodation. By listening intuitively to your own needs and desires, your BALANC. Method begins here. 

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The BALANC. Team


The epitome of balance, Jess and Tiahn are the Yin to each other's Yang. Learning from and leaning on each other's strengths, they're the ultimate force as a duo. Combined, their powerhouse expertise extends beyond pilates and boxing to strength and conditioning, as well as nutrition, psychology, and business with extensive international exposure. Living and breathing the brand, Jess and Tiahn define BALANC.