The BALANC. Method

"BALANC. isn't a fad, it’s a wholesome lifestyle approach designed to positively influence every aspect of your day-to-day. BALANC. is sustainable, achievable, and most importantly it's (really goddamn) fun."



In 2021, we sit comfortably knowing a particular style of eating and/or training in isolation is both an unsustainable solution and a socially limiting one. We've embraced the idea that living a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle is the key to happiness and health. But what does it truly mean to achieve a balanced lifestyle? 

The BALANC. Method has been strategically developed to enable you to live a wholesome, healthy, and well-balanced lifestyle at its highest potential. Supported by developing scientific research, we encompass what it means to onboard the BALANC. lifestyle with uniquely tailored offerings to ensure your optimal is achieved and enjoyably sustained. We understand every individual is uniquely different and as a result, we provide access to the tools required to equip you with this knowledge. 

We stand for so much more than calories burnt and earned. We love a bit of everything moderation - yep, we’re total advocates of a glass of wine and block of chocolate. BALANC. encapsulates what it means to live a happy, healthy lifestyle by providing you with tailored tools that will enable you to develop habits benefitting you in every aspect of your life - fitness, wellness, nourishment, relationships, friendships and beyond. 


Bringing like-minded individuals together.

From boxing, sunrise pilates, and conscious cocktail-making masterclasses,  explore what it means to live a truly balanced lifestyle with like-minded people over a weekend of wholesome farm-to-table meals, educational talks led. by industry experts, relaxation, fun sweaty workouts, and many-an-organic wine by the firepit. 

BALANC. offers bespoke corporate retreats, tailored to provide the ideal experience to match your work culture. 

Whether you're a large team or a smaller, more intimate group, we cater to all requests in this space. From a location that best suits your needs to activities of choice ranging from team bonding fitness to workshops and cocktail or cooking masterclasses, BALANC. helps build community and team bonding in your workplace by pressing the reset button. 




A former competitive gymnast, and Nutrition graduate, Tiahn is a veteran in the health and fitness industry. This foundation has helped drive Tiahns career as a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and health coach. Recently back from the best fitness clubs in London, she is known for her infectious energy, passion, enthusiasm, and tough as hell classes. Tiahn believes being healthy is not just about physical fitness or having a clean diet, it is an all-encompassing, balanced lifestyle that embodies everything from movement to state of mind. 

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With a Bachelor of Science in Psychology graduating from Northeastern University in Boston, USA, Jess has a strong marketing and editorial background. Growing up across Asia (South Korea, Indonesia, and Singapore) Jess competed internationally in Touch Rugby and Track and Field. With a background as a boxing coach (and having gained a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do while living in South Korea), Jess has a strong Martial Arts background. As a Barry's Australia Instructor, she brings the heat as a sprinting and HIIT enthusiast, adding extra spice to every workout to ensure your progress never flatlines. 

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